The Floor is Lava – Interactive Game for Kids and Adults – Promotes Physical Activity – Indoor and Outdoor Safe

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The Floor is Lava!The Floor is Lava!

Fun for the Whole Family! 2-6 Players, Ages 5-105, 10-45 MinutesFun for the Whole Family! 2-6 Players, Ages 5-105, 10-45 Minutes



Remove a TileRemove a Tile

Play to Win!Play to Win!


Place foam tiles on the floor. Whoever is the “spinner” shouts “THE FLOOR IS LAVA!” and everyone else rushes to stand on any tile. The “spinner” then spins to determine the “safe color.”


The “spinner” calls out the “safe color” that the spinner landed on. Players must then jump to a tile of that color.

Remove a Tile

Whoever is last to reach a tile has their original tile removed by the “spinner.”

Play to Win!

If you step in the lava, you are out! To win, be the last player standing!

The Fun, Physical, Lava Leaping Game! Endless GamesThe Fun, Physical, Lava Leaping Game! Endless Games

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FUN GAME: The Floor is Lava! is a game where players must imagine the floor is molten hot lava while spinning the color wheel to jump to the right foam pieces to reach safety. The Floor is Lava! is a family game that promotes physical activity, an active imagination, and engaging excitement for kids and adults.
GREAT PLAY: This great game is best with 2 to 6 players who are ages 5 years old and up. Boys and girls alike will enjoy this game which comes with 25 colored foam “safety stones”, 27 challenge cards, game spinner, and instructions.
PROMOTES PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: This game gets children jumping, leaping, playing, and improving their strength, conditioning, balance, and endurance! Each of these cushioned, durable, slip-resistant foam stepping stones can be used during outdoor parties or indoor sleepovers.
FUN FOR ALL: Any child or adult will have fun taking part in this quick and easy game! It’s great for everyone, including the kids, adults, men, and women! This game is the most fun at parties and game nights.
PLAY AT PARTIES: Bring this game to your next party. The rules are easy to learn and the game is difficult to stop playing, it’s that much fun! Whether you are a youth or are older, you’ll enjoy this game. Use some strategy and luck to win!