Mom Let Me Cook! The Kids Cookbook: 100+ Easy Healthy Cooking Kids Recipes |Dinner ideas for kids and adults

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Do you want your children to be able to prepare easy delicious meals from healthy food for themselves or friends, even if they have never cooked before?

Or could surprise your family with a yummy breakfast wrap on Sunday morning? Or impress classmates with a pretty looking lunch box?

If you want your kid to cook at an early age on their own, even if the adult is not around, then keep reading.

Did you know that more than 20% of children are obese, this is one of the main disadvantages of young people today? Often, all of us parents rush to work, and we don’t have enough time to make every meal for our children. They go to fast food stores and buy packaged items at the store to fill their stomachs. This unhealthy diet must be stopped if we want our kids to grow up happy and healthy.

The great solution is to start to cook with a children’s cookbook for healthy eating. Cooking is a very important skill set to have for being an independent adult. You will enjoy fun cooking ideas for kids, each recipe is easy to follow, with color photos and interesting tips that will help young chefs-beginners to enjoy cooking.

More than 100+ kids recipes in the cookbooks are designed for the tastes for kids ages 6-8, 8-9, and 9-12 for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, and drinks. 


Here’s what people have to say:

***** “Recipes are healthy but delicious. For example, bananas and honey instead of flour and sugar. Convenient for kids and easy to follow. The instructions are thorough and clear.” Ashley Simone

***** “The book has a dictionary that teaches children basic kitchen terminology. Recipes focused on the food that children usually eat. Lots of things that kids love to eat.” Kelly

***** “Recipes are healthy and easy for children, and they are easy to follow, easy to find ingredients with great tips and instructions in many cooking techniques. Everything is explained, and the steps are clearly written.” Vita May

***** “My kids cook and eat great! Easy to read recipes, simple lists of ingredients, great cooking tips.” Amy Brown

***** “I was pleasantly surprised when I came across in this cook books kid’s recipes with vegetarian-friendly options. Other product substitutes are also offered. It has a variety of food and a LOT of vegetables.” Karen Bell

Mom, Let Me Cook! The Kids Cookbook is:

• Simple and Informative for Kids: written in easily kid-friendly language.

• “Real life” recipes: geared to food that children usually consume.

• Suitable for vegetarians: a sugar and vegetarian substitute, nutritional information, and modern nutritional advice in each recipe.

• Step by step instructions: the instructions are thorough and clear, and the recipes are easy to follow.

• Save time in the kitchen: each recipe has a cooking time, portions, ingredients list.

• Easy to find ingredients: practical recipes the kids could make with standard pantry items.

• Simple recipes: in different recipes, you could use basic kitchen equipment.

If you want to help your kid be a Pro in the kitchen and enjoy cooking, then scroll up and click the Add to Cart button.


Books For Kids – Willy the Silly Panda: Bedtime Stories For Kids Ages 3-6 (Children’s Rhyming Animal Books -short bedtime stories for kids

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This book follows the story of Willy the Silly Panda, a fluffy panda who doesn’t have any friends. He sets out on a journey to discover friendship, but will he succeed?

This is the perfect bedtime story for kids aged 3-6. With fun rhymes and cute illustrations, your child will fall in love with the story of Willy the Silly Panda. If your child is learning to read or wants a fun bedtime story with a moral, this book is perfect for them.

Make your kids feel special by adding this book to your Kindle and reading it FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

  • Excellent for reading aloud
  • Rhyming story with beautiful illustrations
  • Perfect book to practice reading
  • Bedtime story for kids


“My 3 year old granddaughter loved it! She loves being read to and learning the words. This is a great book for that.” – Bammer

“This book is all about making friends and friendship. Wonderful, I really enjoyed it.” – Savannah

“My 2 year old liked it. I would recommend to other parents. Pretty fun and easy. Cute rhymes” – Britt

About the Author, Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith’s lifelong goal is to create high-quality, illustrated books for children. She believes that learning to read is one of the most important skills that young children can acquire, along with developing their imagination and creativity. Rebecca aims to help kids learn through her fun and meaningful short stories for children. She is dedicated to writing and illustrating entertaining stories that always contain a greater message, whether it be about friendship, perseverance, or joy. Her best-selling works include “Willy the Silly Panda” and “Timmy the Fluffy Bunny.”

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Anxious Ninja: A Children’s Book About Managing |children’s books about anger management

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How can we help our children overcome anxiety? Anxious Ninja experiences difficult emotions that creates temporary paralysis until a friend share some tips on how to handle anxiety.

Find out what happens in this comedic book about anxiety.

Life is hard! And it’s even harder for children who are just trying to figure things out.

The new children’s book series, Ninja Life Hacks, was developed to help children learn valuable life skills. Fun, pint-size characters in comedic books easy enough for young readers, yet witty enough for adults.

The Ninja Life Hacks book series is geared to kids 3-11. Perfect for boys, girls, early readers, primary school students, or toddlers. Excellent resource for counselors, parents, and teachers alike.

Collect all the Ninja Life Hacks books and box sets!

Download fun, free printables in the author’s profile!

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The Goonies: The Illustrated Storybook| was the goonies a book first

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Travel back to Astoria with an all-new illustrated storybook retelling of the ’80s fan favorite, The Goonies.

“Hey you guys!” The Goonies are back! Mickey, Chunk, Mouth, Data, and their friends first stole everyone’s hearts in 1985’s hit film The Goonies. After finding an ancient treasure map from the pirate One-Eyed Willy, the gang sets out on an adventure to find the legendary rich stuff. But along the way, they run into the notorious Fratelli crime family and must follow the map to escape before the Fratellis catch them.

Now the award-winning film is an illustrated storybook, complete with booty—er, booby—traps, near-death experiences, pirate’s treasure, Sloth, and a heartwarming ending. Filled with tons of ’80s nostalgia and beautiful original illustrations, The Goonies: The Illustrated Storybook is certain to be more amazing than the time Michael Jackson came to Chunk’s house to use the bathroom.

ALL NEW! The first illustrated storybook version of The Goonies in more than 30 years!
NEXT GEN FANS: Parents, Grandparents and cool Aunts and Uncles can introduce young readers to the beloved film!
FAVORITE CHARACTERS: Have an adventure with Mikey, Chunk, Mouth, Data, Brand, Stef, Andy, and of course Sloth.
MEMORABLE MOMENTS: From fleeing the Fratellis to booby traps to walking the plank and saving the Goon Docks, relive the exciting scenes in a whole new way!
BEAUTIFULLY ILLUSTRATED: Favorite scenes are depicted in detailed and vibrant illustrations.

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National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of the World| national geographic kids quiz

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This charming reference introduces young readers to the wider world by exploring languages, landscapes, weather, animals, capital cities, mountains, deserts, and other landscapes and landforms, and more. It encourages kids to get play with activities such as creating a mini-rainforest in a bottle and singing a simple song in Spanish. More than 100 colorful photos are paired with kid-friendly and age-appropriate maps along with basic facts about each continent. This book will quickly become a favorite at storytime, bedtime, or any other time.

Publisher‏:‎National Geographic Kids; Illustrated edition (July 14, 2015)
Hardcover‏:‎128 pages
Reading age‏:‎4 – 8 years
Lexile measure‏:‎NC690L
Grade level‏:‎Preschool – 3
Item Weight‏:‎1.75 pounds
Dimensions‏:‎10.15 x 0.6 x 10.2 inches


Silly Billy the Squirrel: A Colorful Children’s Picture Book About Bullying |books about colours for toddlers

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A Sweet Storybook to Help Kids Learn about True Friendship, Jealousy and how Courage Brings New Challenges and Adventures!

Follow Silly Billy in his adventures to find the meaning of friendship, acceptance, being brave and more. This silly squirrel will discover how simply being himself is the key to making friends and feeling happy and healthy. Join this cute squirrel as he goes to school and learns self-love, fighting for the people we care, and making new friends. Enjoy this story through beautiful pictures and a funny, heartwarming story.

• Produced and created by professional writers native in the English language.
• Cool and fun hand drawn illustrations in every page!
• Unbelievable stories that you may not have heard of before…
• Tons of fun for everyone in the family

Order Now and Enjoy the Best Stories about Friendship, Self-Esteem, and Courage!

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Wiggly the Worm: Fun Short Stories for Kids (Early Bird Reader Book 1)

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Follow the adventures of Wiggly Worm and his best friends (Snarky Snail, Rattles Snake, and Munchy Mosquito). Wiggly and his friends live in a backyard garden. What happens when they decide to explore outside the yard?

This is an excellent story book for early readers, reading aloud at home, and as a bedtime story.

  • 5 fun short stories for kids
  • Includes “just for fun” activities
  • Short story chapter book with pictures
  • Perfect for a bedtime story for kids
  • Excellent for early and beginner readers
  • Big and cute illustrations for early and younger readers

This book is great for quick bedtime story or to be read aloud with friends and family!

Also available in audiobook and paperback book formats

Kids and children can practice their reading skills or have a parent read it aloud. This special story includes lessons and morals about about caring and love.

Story & Activity List:

  • Wiggly Worm and the Garden Town
  • Just for Fun Activity
  • Snarky Snail’s Story
  • Rattles Snake Saves the Day
  • Munchy Mosquito’s Last Bite
  • Just for Fun Activity
  • Mac Apple’s Lucky Day
  • Just for Fun Activity
  • About the Author

Best-Selling Children’s Book Author, Arnie Lightning

Arnie Lightning is a best-selling children’s book author with a straightforward goal. He wants his work to create a positive impact in the lives of others through children’s books. Learning morals, lessons, and good character can start at a young age. Arnie’s books reflect this. By providing a comfortable and entertaining environment, learning can be a fun activity!

Scroll up and click ‘buy’ to spend some quality time with your child!

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When I Feel Frustrated: (Children’s Book About Anger 3 -5| childrens book about feelings

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Self-Regulation Skills Series 6

Life doesn’t always go as planned. Sometimes we fail and feel frustrated.

* Frustration itself is normal—and in fact necessary to learn and grow

* Help children learn how to become more resilient

*Help kids develop coping strategies to manage frustration and anger

*Feeling upset is not a reason to give up

It has a great message:

“Love the illustrations in this children’s book. I read this to my grandchildren (ages 3 5). ” – Anne

“A beautiful book an all ways. Great for preschoolers!“ – Ashley

Explains anger management & frustration:

“Love this kids book! Read it to my 3 yo daughter a few times and she liked it a lot! “ – Lizzie

“A wonderful story about anger, frustration, and resilience. Both of my sons adored it! ” – Kathryn


* Cute illustrations with a nice rhyming story

* Not too long, grabs kid’s attention

GET IT NOW and get the ebook for FREE!! Add this amazing kids book to your cart and ENJOY!

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Messi: A Boy Who Became A Star. Inspiring children book about Lionel Messi |childrens books about stars

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Messi: A Boy Who Became a Star

This is the inspiring children story of Lionel Messi, a boy who became a star.

Born in a poor family, the small boy faced many obstacles in life, including a medical condition that prevented him from growing…

But he decided to follow his dream, worked hard and overcame all obstacles to become one of the best soccer players in history.

Perfect gift for all soccer fans.

Perfect illustrated book to teach children to work hard to make their dreams come true.

Learn about Messi, and learn how to be successful doing what you love.

Get This Book Now and Enjoy the story of Lionel Messi!

Publisher‏:‎CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (August 16, 2017)
Paperback‏:‎40 pages
Reading age‏:‎8 – 12 years
Item Weight‏:‎4.7 ounces
Dimensions‏:‎8 x 0.1 x 10 inches


What to Do When You Worry Too Much: A Kid’s Guide to Overcoming Anxiety (What-to-Do Guides for Kids)|a kids book about belonging

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A Gold NAPPA (National Parenting Publications Awards) winner

Did you know that worries are like tomatoes? No, you can’t eat them, but you can make them grow, simply by paying attention to them. If your worries have grown so big that they bother you almost every day, this book is for you.What to Do When You Worry Too Much guides children and parents through the cognitive-behavioral techniques most often used in the treatment of anxiety. Lively metaphors and humorous illustrations make the concepts and strategies easy to understand, while clear how-to steps and prompts to draw and write help children to master new skills related to reducing anxiety. This interactive self-help book is the complete resource for educating, motivating, and empowering kids to overcoming their overgrown worries.

Engaging, encouraging, and easy to follow, this book educates, motivates, and empowers children to work towards change. Includes a note to parents by psychologist and author Dawn Huebner, PhD.

From the Note to Parents:

If you are the parent or caregiver of an anxious child, you know what it feels like to be held hostage. So does your child. Children who  worry too much are held captive by their fears. They go to great lengths to avoid frightening situations, and ask the same anxiety-based questions over and over again. Yet the answers give them virtually no relief. Parents and caregivers find themselves spending huge amounts of time reassuring, coaxing, accommodating, and doing whatever else they can think of to minimize their child’s distress.

But it doesn’t work. The anxiety remains in control. As you have undoubtedly discovered, simply telling an anxious child to stop worrying doesn’t help at all. Nor does applying adult logic, or allowing your child to avoid feared situations, or offering reassurance every time the fears are expressed.

This book is part of the Magination Press What-to-Do Guides for Kids® series and includes an “Introduction to Parents and Caregivers.” What-to-Guides for Kids® are interactive self-help books designed to guide 6–12 year olds and their parents through the cognitive-behavioral techniques most often used in the treatment of various psychological concerns. Engaging, encouraging, and easy to follow, these books educate, motivate, and empower children to work towards change.

From the Publisher

Award-winning What to Do workbooks banner ad help kids help themselvesAward-winning What to Do workbooks banner ad help kids help themselves

Includes kid-friendly suggestions and activities, such as:

Draw the worry giving up and going away.Try setting up a Worry Time for 15 minutes each day.When a worry has made your body feel bad, do something called “re-setting your system.”Write or draw about what do you do to take good care of yourself.


A Kid’s Guide to Overcoming Anxiety

A Kid’s Guide to Overcoming Problems with Anger

A Kid’s Guide to Overcoming OCD

A Kid’s Guide to Overcoming Problems with Sleep

A Kid’s Guide to Overcoming Negativity

A Kid’s Guide to Accepting Imperfection

Short Description

If your worries have grown so big that they bother you almost every day, this book is for you.

If you’re a kid whose temper quickly flares, a kid whose anger gets too big, too hot, too fast, this book is for you.

If it’s hard for you to feel safe or sure of yourself because certain thoughts have gotten stuck, this book is for you.

If you’re a kid who is convinced that nothing short of magic will make nighttime easier, this book is for you.

If you’re a kid who feels so frustrated by life’s tricky spots that it’s hard to enjoy the good things, this book is for you.

If you try to be right all the time, or if you worry about being less than the best, this book is for you!


6 to 12

6 to 12

6 to 12

6 to 12

6 to 12

8 to 12

Publisher‏:‎Magination Press; 1st edition (September 15, 2005)
Paperback‏:‎80 pages
Reading age‏:‎6 – 12 years
Grade level‏:‎1 – 7
Item Weight‏:‎8.6 ounces
Dimensions‏:‎8.5 x 0.2 x 11 inches