How to Teach Your Child to Read books??

CHAPTER 1: Introduction

Teaching your child to read has lots of benefits in your child’s life. Early reading helps your child in his or her academic and social life. And what more joy can a parent have than seeing his or her child become successful in every aspect of his/her life? So it is so important to teach your child to read at an early age.

Can Babies Learn to Read?

Of course, they can! All babies can learn to read. In fact (don’t see this as an exaggeration) all babies are Einsteins when it comes to learning how to read. Babies are so smart – they are Einstein’s, I don’t know what to compare babies with. They are so cute and smart. I love them.

You can teach a baby to read as early as 3 months of age (that’s super fast). Studies also show that babies have the ability to learn lots of languages or sign languages with ease.

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Top 10 Benefits of Reading Books to Your Child

Apart from keeping your children safe and healthy, one other important thing parents can do for their kids is to read to and them. This means that parents need to start reading to their children when they are born and even when they are unable to talk. This reading should continue until they are able to read by themselves. Different studies have shown that reading to children early helps them to bond with parents, interact, read and speak early themselves. When your child can speak, reading with him or she will make them get close to caretakers, families, friends, and know the world they are living in. It will also make them become sympathetic citizens of the world.

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Benefits of Parents Reading to Their children

There have been many studies with several results about the benefit of reading to your child at an early age as a parent, and these results are helping children when they grow up and started going to school. The benefits of reading to your child, according to research, help to improve the cognitive development of the child, improves academic performance and language skills, and helps in emotional attachment. Babies are known to benefit much from an early introduction to the reading of books, and they even benefit from continuous parental involvement in reading books as they are growing up. This is good news and many parents are making use of this already.

However, although babies benefit from being read to, there are also a lot of benefits to parents too when they make reading to their babies a daily routine. This option is usually pointed out during studies, and it is very important to point this out. When parents read to their babies from an early age, they will be thrilled that the lives of their children have been enriched by their reading together. And as a parent, this will show that they have benefited a lot from their action. The benefit of reading to your child should be your greatest of joy when you see them grown up to be what you wanted them to be.

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Why Reading to Your Child is Important?Benefits of Reading to Your Child

Reading to your child is very important for a good vocabulary, developing literacy, and a vivid imagination. A lot of recent studies have shown that there are more benefits of reading to your child the traditional way when they are still young. One study had evaluated the relationship between reading to your child at a young age and their language development when they started going to school. To evaluate this study, researchers conducted brain imaging to examine the activities in the brain of children who are read to by an adult and those that were not read to by an adult. The result shows that there is a much greater brain activation in the brain of the children whose parents read to at home. This region of the brain (the part of the left hemisphere) that was being activated is the same activated part in older children who are always reading to themselves.

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Why Should You Read Aloud to Your Kids? Why Should Children Read

It is every parent’s dream to raise smart children who would excel in every aspect of life. As a parent, you would want the best out of your child. Who wouldn’t want that? Well, here is one little secret – reading aloud to children has proven to be a great way to give them a good head start in the right direction. I had my parents read aloud to me, and I can guarantee you that the benefits of reading aloud to your kid are numerous and cannot be overemphasized. Kids are quite impressionable and they would pick up life skills such as attentiveness, creative expression, and emotional intelligence from you reading to them. However, the list seems endless. But first, we’d begin with benefits at school.

Reading aloud to your child has a high impact on the child’s performance at school – better grades and interactions with classmates. Your child would definitely stand out.

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