How to Teach Your Child to Read books??

CHAPTER 1: Introduction

Teaching your child to read has lots of benefits in your child’s life. Early reading helps your child in his or her academic and social life. And what more joy can a parent have than seeing his or her child become successful in every aspect of his/her life? So it is so important to teach your child to read at an early age.

Can Babies Learn to Read?

Of course, they can! All babies can learn to read. In fact (don’t see this as an exaggeration) all babies are Einsteins when it comes to learning how to read. Babies are so smart – they are Einstein’s, I don’t know what to compare babies with. They are so cute and smart. I love them.

You can teach a baby to read as early as 3 months of age (that’s super fast). Studies also show that babies have the ability to learn lots of languages or sign languages with ease.

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