Woodshop 101 For Kids: 21 Woodworking Lessons: Teach the Basics of Woodworking. 14 Woodworking Projects For Parents and Kids To Build Together

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Do you know a child who wants to learn how to build things with wood, but you don’t know the first thing about woodworking? No problem!“Woodshop 101 for Kids” is written as a woodworking curriculum for your kids, it’s not just another book that has woodworking projects for kids. Each lesson is laid out step by step so it’s easy to understand. Here’s what you get:

* Fun projects that kids will want to build.
* Projects are designed to build confidence.
* Every project has a “Things You Need” box so you’ll know to have on hand.
* A cutlist is provided that tells exactly what size to cut each piece of wood.
* All the head scratching has been done for you.
* All you and your kids have to do is follow along, it’s that simple!

In “Woodshop 101 for Kids” Your Kids Will Learn…

* 21 woodworking lessons that teach the basics of woodworking.
* A simple way to read a tape measure.
* How to swing a hammer correctly so nails aren’t bent and fingers don’t get smashed!
* How to saw a straight line (most adults can’t do this)!
* How to set up and use a block plane correctly.
* How to finish your projects so they’ll last a lifetime.
* Why math is so important when doing woodworking (like fractions, geometry, etc.).
* Science – Basic laws of physics – Force, friction, and Inertia.
* And last but not least, your kids will learn valuable life skills they will keep with them for the rest of their lives!


You only need simple hand tools to build every project in the book. This is much safer than using power tools and allows younger kids to get involved. Using only hand tools has another HUGH advantage: You won’t have to go out and spend a bunch of money on tools. You already own most of the tools you’ll need!

Here’s a list of the projects you can build:

* Peg Game (easy to build and play, tough to beat!)
* Crosscut Box (a jig to help cut boards straight)
* Birdhouse (a must for any woodworker!)
* Toolbox / Art Caddy(customize your to hold tools or art supplies)
* Baseball Rack (holds a baseball, bat, and glove)
* Pencil holder (rotates to easily find the right one)
* Battleship (built from scrap pieces of wood)
* Media Storage Rack (small in size but holds 75 DVDs)
* Step Stool (sturdy, and just the right height)
* Two for One Bird-feeder (holds seeds and suet)
* Workbench (with information on customizing to your child)
* Doll Cradle (for that special doll)
* Marshmallow Catapult (our most popular project!)
* Planter Box (made to last for years outdoors)

Children are visual and that’s why we didn’t skimp on the pictures. There are 188 pages with over 280 pictures throughout the book. There are also many graphs, illustrations and definition blocks that will help avoid any confusion about what the lesson is teaching.

Why Woodworking for Kids is so IMPORTANT!

* It builds self-esteem
* It builds self-confidence
* It builds a sense of accomplishment
* It builds creativity
* It builds stronger relationships between you and your children!


– What’s the age range for “Woodshop 101 for Kids”?

* A general guideline is 7-13 yrs/old, but there’s much more than age to consider. Reading ability, motor skills, and attention span are really what’s important when trying to decide if your child is old enough. I’ve had 5 year old kids do very well with the material in this book (with much more supervision of course).

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