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* Yosef who honors Shabbat – dressed in the simple clothes of an ordinary person
* The rich villain who wears a fancy suit and a red turban
* Yosef’s wife, a simple and modest woman
* The fish with a neat zippered pocket with the stone inside
The toys are all made of 100% soft polyester. Kids love to hold them and play with them alone, with their siblings or their friends. A STORY THAT STANDS THE TEST OF TIME
A wonderful story for Kabbalat Shabbat.

There once lived a poor man called Yosef. Because he respected the Sabbath, they called him “Yosef who honors Shabbat”.
Next door to him lived a rich man and it was predicted that all his wealth would go to Yosef. So, the rich man sold everything he had and bought a precious stone which he hid in his hat.
One day, the rich man was driving over a bridge and a strong wind blew his hat into the sea. The stone fell out of the hat and was eaten by a fish.
A fisherman caught the fish and took it to the market. Who should buy it from him? Yes, you guessed, Yosef who honored Shabbat.
When Yosef’s wife opened the fish to clean it – there was the precious stone.
sold it for a lot of money and has been happily living off the proceeds ever since.
THE MORAL OF THE STORY – You are rewarded for respecting the Shabbat. CHILDREN’S THEATER GAME
This great puppet show game for kids is the perfect way in which you as parents or teachers can impart the importance of the Sabbath to your children or young pupils. AN AMAZING GIFT
Visiting Jewish families or friends for the weekend. This is a great gift to take with you. It’s also perfect for birthdays. Maybe you even want to buy it for your favorite kindergarten teacher.

THE PERFECT SHABBAT LEARNING GAME – Welcome to Yosef Moker Shabbat, the latest soft Shabbat set, plush toy game from Reb Shmuel’s Toys. We bring you toys to help educators and parents instill the wonderful traditions of Judaism into the younger generation in a fun and interactive way.
YOSEF MOKIR SHABBAT is a lovely Shabbos story play set based on Jewish tradition and Jewish folklore of how a poor man was rewarded for his love of the Sabbath. It’s a story with a strong moral message told in a beautiful way through the use of the beautiful plush dolls made from soft, child friendly materials.
A HOME THEATER FOR KIDS WITH A MYTHICAL & MYSTICAL STORY FOR KIDS – In this set for kids you will find: Joseph, dressed in simple clothes of an ordinary person; The rich villain, in a fancy suit; Joseph’s wife, a simple and modest woman; The fish that Joseph bought in which you will find the precious stone which will make him rich.
A LOVELY GIFT – Suitable for everyone. As the storyteller, you can take this pertinent message in any direction you like. Traditional Jews will speak about the Sabbath but the parable can be told about a poor man with good intentions who is rewarded for his good deeds. The perfect birthday gift or holiday gift for your young children.
A TOY YOU CAN TRUST TO MAKE SPECIAL MOMENTS – There are no technological parts in this toy so it is perfect for Shabbat of Yom Tov play. It’s a great way for the kids to relax before bed. BUY YOURS TODAY and enjoy lots of quality time teaching your Jewish kids about the important things in life.