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Anlewo custom stamps self inking custom stamps name stamper personalized purchases Anlewo custom stamps self inking custom stamps name stamper personalized purchases

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name stamps for clothes, Cute Cartoon Children’s Seal, Name Stamp, Custom School Uniform Name Word, Personalized Labels for Kids, Waterproof Wash NotFaded Stamp

The name and phone number printed on the child’s clothing can prevent the child from missing.

name stamps for clothes, Personalized Name Stamp, Custom Name for Baby Student Clothes Chapter Cartoon Children’s Seal Cute for Kids

The seal can also be used as a personal signature for DIY items, such as greeting cards or invitations.

Name Stamp Personalized Cute Cartoon Children’s Seal Stamper Custom Clothing Daycare Labels Stickers for Kids Baby Animal Self Inking Stamp

4-6 letters are strongly recommended for best results because the space is limited.

Used to mark, it is easy to find items belonging to the child's ownUsed to mark, it is easy to find items belonging to the child's own


personal stamp custompersonal stamp custom

Children’s Custom Seal

Custom Self-Inking Name Stamp DIY for Kids Student Name ​Clothes Chapter Personalized Not Easy to Fade Child’s Name Sticker – Can Choose Icon and Color

name stamps

School Uniform and Paper Fabric Marker for Baby Clothing, Bags, Books, Shoes

Customizable Personalised Self Inking Stamps

Custom-Made Baby Name Stamp DIY for Kids Name Student Clothes Chapter Not Easy to Fade Stamp with The Child’s Name

Custom child’s name stamp

Black clothesBlack clothes

How to use on dark clothes

1. The name is printed on the printing tape, cut to an appropriate length

2. Heat 150° with an iron, and iron for about 10 seconds

3. Stick it on the back of the printed label on the clothes

Stamp SizeStamp Size

Product Name: Custom child’s name stamp

Shell size: 46*64*22 mm

Impression size: 10*46 mm

personal stamp custompersonal stamp custom


1. Please put it on the clothes for 12-24 hours to prevent the ink from fading after washing.

2. You can practice stamping with old clothes first, until you can print out the desired effect.

3. Special attention: chemical fiber fabrics cannot be printed. Cotton clothes work best.

🐼🐼How To Customized: Click”Customize now”→Write down the Name or Tel you want inline. When finished, click the “Add to cart”.Then get a cute name stamp!
🐼🐼One piece of customization, small size, the printed words are not easy to fade after washing, It can be washed with water and will not fade easily.(Need to wait 24 hours later)
🐼🐼The name stamp is high:46mm.wide: 64mm.Perfect for marking kids’ camp clothes, school clothes, backpacks, shoes, school bags, textbooks, gym bags, etc.
🐼🐼Name Stamp for Clothing no need to be afraid of taking the wrong children’s clothes, and easy to carry.
🐼🐼Easy to use, no need to add ink, the stamp comes with ink and can be used about 1000 timesm, Can add ink.