130pcs Magnetic Tiles Magnetic Blocks Toddler Toys, Colorful Geometric Shapes & Huge Wheel, 3D Building Blocks Magnets for Kids, Montessori Toys for 3+Year-Old Girls, Boys, STEM Toy Building Sets



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Choose gadget-free entertainment that won’t expose your kids to radiation like these magnet learning toys. Playing with these interactive toys will make your kids physically active, become more imaginative and develop a number of skills including fine motor skills and thinking skills. You may be surprised to see how creative your child can be when they play with these marvelous magnetic blocks for kids! Each package has the following contents: ✔️ 20 square magnetic sheets with round holes: 6.5×6.5×0.7cm (2.6×2.6×0.3 inches)

✔️ 12 square magnetic sheets with octagonal holes: 6.5×6.5×0.7cm (2.6×2.6×0.3 inches)

✔️ 4 solid square magnetic sheets: 6.5×6.5×0.7cm (2.6×2.6×0.3 inches)

✔️ 12 equilateral triangle magnetic plates: 5.5×6.4×0.7cm (2.2×2.5×0.3 inches)

✔️ E-shaped magnetic sheet: 12 sheets: 3.2×6.5×0.7cm (1.3×2.6×0.3 inches)

✔️ 4 sides of small semicircular pipe: 4.5x8cm (1.8×3.1 inches)

✔️ 12 sides of small straight pipe: 3.8x6cm (1.5×2.4 inches)

✔️ 16 octagonal clips: 4.5×4.5cm (1.8×1.8 inches)

✔️ 8 sides of large semicircular pipe: 5×11.2cm (2×4.4 inches)

✔️ 8 sides of large straight pipe: 3.8x6cm (1.5×2.4 inches)

✔️ S-shaped pipe 2 sides: 3.5×15.8cm (1.4×6.2 inches)

✔️ One side of 6-shaped pipe: 10.3×16.2cm (4×6.4 inches)

✔️ 8 balls: 3cm (1.2 inches) diameter ✔️ 2 dolls: 9x5x5cm (3.5x2x2 inches)

✔️ Two stickers, one with 20 small stickers

✔️ 9 huge wheel brackets: (base x1, Y-shaped bracket x2, connecting shaft x1, gear x2, crank x1, octagonal magnetic sheet x2) 23.5x14x26cm (9.3×5.5×10.2 inches)



There’s definitely no boring moment and no time to fidget when you play with these magnet blocks and tiles! They are a super engaging anti-stress toy that can make your little ones busy at the same time learning while you do your usual daily tasks. Being able to build taller and bigger structures using these magnet blocks for kids and adults can give a happy feeling of achievement and undeniably boosts confidence.



Our magnetic toys for toddlers have the right magnetic strength to withstand repetitive attachment and detachment. They can hold up very well to your desired form but they can also be easily detached when you rebuild your design. They are made with durable materials, have round, polished edges, and each with a smooth surface so your little ones can enjoy holding and playing with them.



Unlike the old style of building blocks with crevices or bumps, these toddler magnets have a plain smooth surface you can easily clean and wipe dirt off using a damp or dry cloth. Avoid submerging them in water to avoid getting water inside the blocks or tiles.

Storing these kids’ blocks does not require too much space and you can easily bring them with you when you travel. You can easily set up kids’ outdoor games & group activities anywhere you want!



These kids’ magnets have an intricate design for added aesthetics, you may use them as a room decoration if you want to. As your kids get older, their designs can get more complex and it would be amazing to see how they started with a simple design and then eventually turn into a grand structure. These magnetic tile sets are compatible with other brands, too! There’s no limit to expanding your creation!

AN OVERWHELMING SET OF MAGNETIC TOYS! – 130 numerous pieces of colorful magnetic building toys, with cute dolls & stickers, all intricately designed. Awesome magnet toys with geometric shapes, balls, tunnels, and a huge rotating wheel are so easy to assemble, connect & build. These toy magnets are made durable, child-friendly & with sizes that can be handled perfectly even with tiny hands so your little ones can enjoy building 3D magnet toddler toys.
MAGNETIC EDUCATIONAL TOYS MAKE STEM LEARNING MORE FUN! – Yes, these magnet building toys aren’t just fun to play with, they are also superb magnetic educational toys for kids! These preschool magnetic learning toys enhance your kids’ imagination, building skills, spatial thinking, & social skills when they play them with their friends. They also learn more about colors, geometry, and physics as they try to assemble various designs of toy magnets.
EXCITING MAGNETIC CONSTRUCTION TOYS FOR ALL – These kids’ magnetic toys are great magnetic toys for adults as well. Have fun sharing STEM engineering toys’ design using the added accessories like huge wheel, tunnels & dolls, or build together unique formations of magnet tiles with your family. With these amazing magnet construction toys, you can create a number of family games, preschool games, or teens & kids’ activities that everyone can enjoy!
VERSATILE & PORTABLE MAGNETIC BUILDING BLOCKS SET – It’s so easy to play with these magnetic fidget toys. The edges will automatically stick together because of the magnet! Each magnet tile has just the perfect magnet strength designed for building & rebuilding structures. It’s so easy to clean up when done playing, you can simply stack them up and they won’t take up much space. They’re so convenient to carry that’s why they’re great as toddler travel toys, too.
WANT MOST POPULAR TOYS & GREAT GIFT FOR KIDS? TRY THIS! – We believe that the best gifts for kids, birthday gifts, or Christmas gifts are those that would give them joy & make them busy while nurturing their overall development. These magnet toys for kids and adults are just that. So go ahead and add this to your toddler girl or toddler boys’ gifts, preschool learning toys, STEM educational toys, kids’ prizes or rewards, and homeschool supplies.



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