Human Body Activity Book for Kids: Hands-On Fun for Grades K-3

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Super fun activities to help kids ages 4 to 8 learn all about their bodies

From eyes and ears to skin and bones, there’s a lot to discover about the human body for kids! Featuring crosswords, mazes, and more, this human body workbook is bursting with all kinds of activities to help kids understand what makes them tick.

This awesome guide to the human body for kids includes:

  • A full body breakdown―Simplify human anatomy for kids with informative, illustrated chapters broken down by system.
  • Lots of ways to play―Keep lessons engaging with everything from connect-the-dots and crosswords to hands-on experiments.
  • Science for kids―Did you know hair grows slower at night and that you’re taller in the morning than the evening? Make kids want to learn more with the neat trivia in this human body book.

Teach children the joy of learning by doing with this collection of activities all about the human body for kids.

Awesome activities

Playing is the best way to learn human anatomy for kids! Drawings, mazes, crossword puzzles, and at-home experiments about the human body for kids will keep them engaged and make what they learn unforgettable.

Chapters for different systems

This human body book helps simplify science for kids, with colorful illustrations to help them learn what their different body parts do and how they are connected.

Fascinating trivia

Did you know your ears help you hear AND balance? With this interactive human body workbook, kids will discover all kinds of things they never knew about the human body.