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Product Description

Your child’s first fantasy adevnture awaits!

best game for kids from Treasure Falls Games is a family-friendly fantasy board game for 2-4 players and for children 5 years old and up. Players control one of the four Quest Kid heroes as they journey to find treasure, scare away bad guys, complete quests and discover magical items, all while helping out their friends along the way. The player with the most stars at the end of the adventure is victorious!

Featuring kid-friendly fantasy art, large plastic hero figures, and simple rules that allow for independent play by young gamers, The Quest Kids is an adventurous introduction to gaming for the little dungeon crawler in every family.

Our goal at Treasure Falls Games is to create games that kids love, and parents appreciate (and also hopefully love).

Heroic Heroes and Fun Bad Guys

Young heroes will control one of four classic fantasy heroes, and face off against a fun cadre of bad guys.

Quick Adventurous Turns

Nobody likes to wait (especially heroic kids). Turns in The Quest Kids are quick, yet still packed with fun, thematic choices.

Cooperation is Cool

The Quest Kids is a competitive game that encourages cooperation between players through our unique “Kind Kid Card” mechanic. In fact, the most generous player usually wins!

Gateway Tabletop Game

The rules are simple, yet the the fantasy theme is rich: explore a magical cave, scare away bad guys, find treasure and complete quests.

The Quest Kids board game bad guysThe Quest Kids board game bad guys

Game Contents

1 Game Box | 1 Game Board | 4 Hero Miniatures | 6 Plastic Gems

4 Hero Cardboard Standees | 4 Player Boards

1 Cloth Treasure Bag | 24 Cardboard Treasure Tokens

42 Dungeon Tile Cards | 60 Ability Cards | 20 Health Cards

20 Kind Kid Cards | 11 Quest Cards | 1 Rule book

The Dice Tower Seal of ExcellenceThe Dice Tower Seal of Excellence

“The Quest Kids is one of the best kids board games I have ever played.”

Tom Vasel – The Dice Tower (2021)

The Quest Kids board game Tolk the WiseThe Quest Kids board game Tolk the Wise

The Quest Kids teaches:

Team workSocial skillsProblem solvingSet collectionPlanningCountingReading

How to play The Quest Kids

CHOOSE A HERO: select a Quest Kid, take their figure and player mat, and then the adventure begins.

EXPLORE A TILE: on your turn choose a Dungeon Tile to explore. Green tiles are always good, gray tiles may have a lurking bad guy, and red tiles have the greatest risk and the greatest treasure.

GAIN ABILITIES: uncover ability cards that give you power, magic and wisdom to use during your adventure.

SCARE AWAY MONSTERS: if you uncover a bad guy, use your gained ability cards to scare it away.

DISCOVER TREASURE AND SPECIAL ITEMS: in all fantasy adventures there is treasure to be found! You will discover treasure, gems and other special items during your journey.

HELPING EACH OTHER: if you encounter a bad guy that you cannot scare away you can ask for help from one of your fellow Quest Kids.

KIND KIDS FOR THE WIN: when you help your friends, you get a Kind Kid card. Kind Kid cards are always good and give you special abilities and bonuses.

COUNT THE STARS: once the final tile is explored and all bad guys are dealt with, count the stars you have collected during your adventure. The Quest Kid with the most stars wins!

best game for kids 2 – 4 playersAges 5+30 minutes

FAMILY FANTASY FUN: The Quest Kids is a family-friendly fantasy adventure board game for kids five years old and up
SIMPLE RULES & QUICK ADVENTUROUS TURNS: Nobody likes to wait during family game night (especially kids), so the rules are easy to learn and turns are quick, yet still packed with fun thematic choices
GATEWAY TABLETOP GAME: The Quest Kids introduces young players to the world of fantasy board games – explore a dungeon, encounter silly bad guys, find treasure and complete quests
COOPERATION IS COOL: The Quest Kids is a competitive board game that encourages cooperation and being kind to your fellow players, in fact the most generous player usually wins
TOYS, TREASURE & TRIUMPH: The Quest Kids features large colorful plastic hero figures, chunky treasure and an easy end game scoring system of counting stars